Friday, December 16, 2011

Easy Tomato and Alfredo Baked Pasta

Extended Shelf Life for: Alfredo Sauce

The expiration date on this Alfredo Sauce had long since passed...fortunately, I have a long history with using 'expired' foods, so I wasn't phased, but was in a bit of hurry to use that jar up and have a satisfying meal.

This isn't rocket science. It doesn't even really belong on a food blog, but I have developed a habit of keeping track of what comes out of my kitchen, what my brain comes up with in those moments I don't want to cook or am too impatient to wait for a more proper and creative meal. This one of them - boil pasta, mix with sauce, toss in a tomato or two, throw in some basil if you have it on hand, a small bit of mozzarella mixed into the pasta dish is nice and of course, top the dish with some cheese before throwing into to oven for 30 minutes or so when it'll be nice and golden, crispy, cheesy and delicious!

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