Thursday, March 11, 2010

Grandma's Apple Crisp

Extended Shelf Life for: Apples

In preparation for marriage, as is true of most brides-to-be, I was honored to spend time with the women of my family, my future family and many dear friends. As I’ve always known I loved being in the kitchen I requested recipes be given as the gift or part of the gifts I would receive during these celebratory times.

Mike’s grandmother, frail during our courtship, engagement, and marriage could not come to the bridal showers, however she lovingly wrote out two recipes of her heritage and sent them to me in good time. One such recipe is this one for an Apple Crisp. I’ve opted out of typing the ingredients and directions because seeing on the recipe card, seems to make the preparation that much more enjoyable. And, to enjoy the finished product, I find the most important ingredient are good friends and family. I enjoyed this particular crisp with Micah and SaraJane after their own busy weekend with family and celebrations for their dear son, Mihretu.

I always hear that Grandma Harrington made the most delicious apple pies, I wonder if she ever slipped a simple apple crisp in to switch things up a bit?

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