Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Kitchen Tip: Boiling Water for Pasta/Potatoes/Etc.

While browsing Pinterest as I too often do, I came across a tip I thought seemed a bit ridiculous...

Use a wooden spoon to prevent water from boiling over while preparing pasta, potatoes, etc.

Unfortunately, now I am unable to find the link which lead to this tip, but here's the thing, it works! It was absolutely amazing and embarassingly freeing. Rather than keep an eye on my boiling pot of water I just did the dishes and played with Lady until I figured the pasta was ready. Fabulous! Definitely worth investing in a wooden spoon if you don't already have one! (Or you can try sticking a metal spoon over the pot or in the pot, however be careful touching a metal spoon that's been in or near boiling water...and I only assume that a metal spoon would because of folks discussing the subject at AnswersYahoo - take it for what it's worth)

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