Monday, May 3, 2010

Chili Lentils on Homemade Tortillas

Extended Shelf Life for: Onions and Peppers (probably)
I have allowed entirely too much time to pass from the making of this dish to the posting of the recipe - however, there is a picture which means there is proof that I "saved" some food from being wasted and that is cause for making me happy :) What I do know is that this recipe is a combination of two I've previously posted: Indian Dal and Chili Spice Mix. Therefore, rather than using the spices which are called for in the Dal recipe, simply substitute your favorite Red Chili Spices, a few chili vegetables and prepare in the most sensible way you can manage.

I made the tortillas using the Master Mix, which is extremely easy but...I do not remember the full details. If I were to guess, I do believe you use about 2 cups of Master Mix and about 3/4 cups of Water. Ultimatley, you want a dough that is not too stick and runny, so add the water little by little. Create about 8 or so dough balls, let them sit about 10 minutes before rolling them out flat. Heat them up in a hot pan with barely any oil and voila - you will have homemade, delicious tortillas! Throw a little Mexican-style Dal on top, sprinkle with cheese if available and eat up!

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