Thursday, September 23, 2010

Kiwi Dressed Fruit Salad

Last week we were invited to a rooftop BBQ with some dear friends we know from back in Wyoming (part of the reason we ended up in Daejeon, South Korea) and a slew of new friends we've made since our arrival. Not being super familiar with Korean grocery items or having much cash to spend, I opted to throw together a fruit salad. The primary inspiration: Kiwi Dressing. Seriously, Koreans have a love for sweet, fruity salad dressings - Kiwi being one of them -- so, I was inspired.

Three chopped apples, two chopped Asian pears, four bananas, the juice of one lemon and a reasonable amount of kiwi dressing later I had myself a simple, delicious fruit salad!

In general, with a fruit salad it is my practice to add bananas and the dressing at the last minute, because, let's face it, the only purpose for a soggy banana is in some bread or a smoothie. The salad went over well and was a nice way for me to contribute without having a good handle on Korean ingredients and kitchens -- a Win-Win situation for sure!

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