Thursday, September 23, 2010

Burritos - Korean Style

I have a feeling this will become one of the dishes I play around with the most. Mexican food is not easy to track down in this great country. And, as honestly as I'm impressed and surprised by the deliciousness of Korean food - Mexican food is comfort food and has a clear place in my culinary repertoire.

I tried to replace some common burrito ingredients with cheaper versions of the same thing in Korea - so a popular Korean pepper took the place of any other peppers, red beans took the place of refried or black beans and Korean pepper sauce that's a little sweet took the place of salsa.

One onion chopped, two cloves garlic minced and one pepper chopped are split 1/3rds to be cooked with the meat, 2/3rds to be cooked with the beans. In seperate pans (a skillet and a pot to be exact) saute these vegetables before adding the meat (to the skillet) and the beans; drained (to the pot). Each pan then had the addition of some seasoning salt, chili powder and cilantro leaves. Heat through and serve tortillas topped with beans, meat, tomatoes, cheese and a bit of sweet and spicy Korean 'salsa' - enjoy!

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