Friday, September 30, 2011

Bok Choy Stir-Fried Rice


This my friends, was so easy, so delicious and for my taste-buds, so, sooo exceptional and delicious (Mike however, is not so convinced that Bok Choy is fab). Regardless, I think it is, I am the cook and you should try it out for yourself.

The manner of preparing the Bok Choy is simple and brilliant in and of itself and should supposedly work with other veg. (Discovered on, you guessed it, Pinterest! Original recipe posted here at Stone Soup) Simply heat a fry pan until smoking, toss in a tablespoon or so of olive oil followed a washed and chop veg, cover with a lid and let steam/scorch for 2-3 minutes (or longer depending on the veg, ultimately long or short enough that you enjoy the texture) Now when I say scorch, you may be freaked out, however, here's the deal a few bits of crispy bok choy mixed in with the more or less steamed version offers such great contrasts and flavorful joy that scorching is a beautiful thing. It's recommended to salt and flavor it as desired for whatever dish you may be making, think along the lines of: lemon juice, vinegar (of any variety depending on the meal), soy sauce, etc.

I used a bit of soy with mine, scrambled up a garlic, soy-saucy egg in a fry pan, threw in a bit of rice and semi-fried the rice (fried rice is best with day-old rice, mine however was fresh which made it semi-fried and mostly just wet). Serve with green onions, additional soy, sesame seeds or as is and you taste-buds will be whooping and hollering (unless of course your buds are more in-tune with Mike's buds, then they may not be so thrilled).

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