Saturday, September 17, 2011



Living in Laramie there were few things I enjoyed more than a big ole bowl of Minestrone. With too many friends leaving the expat life and heading back to the states I found myself with a lot of dried beans, including chickpeas...honestly, if friends have to leave, at least they can leave delicious foods behind for you to cook up in their absence.

So it came to be, a pot of Minestrone...which should never have exact measurements, as it's a, for me and my household, Minestrone includes:

Chickpeas, carrots, cabbage, onion, garlic, tomatoes (usually from a can), chicken or veggie broth (or tea), salt, pepper, italian seasoning and zucchini (or another form of summer squash) and it shoudl have noodles, mine however did not this go round.

If you make a large batch, which, why not? You should call up some friends and request they join you for dinner and if they feel they must, they can bring a baguette.

And should you find yourself with hardly a cup of soup left over, why not reduce it in a skillet the next night, add additional spices, perhaps chili powder or whatever your in the mood for and throw in a couple cups of rice -- it's a bit like fired rice and it's a fun way to use up some leftover soup ^.^

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