Monday, October 17, 2011

Pesto Egg Baguettes

At Costco recently, I just so happened across LaBrea Demi-Baguettes, which I had learned, from my dear friend Holly, are an item to be treasured.  So, at just under 7,000 won, I picked up a bag of 6 and got to brainstorming the best uses for these delectable little morsels.  With brainstorming came images once gathered on Pinterest and before you could spell LaBrea Demi-Baguettes in Hanguel (the Korean alphabet), I had these Pesto Egg Baguettes in the oven!


Slice the top third or so off of a demi-baguette, scoop out the innards from the bottom 2/3's of the bread and munch on this while completeing the other tasks...Spread some prepared Pesto into the hollowed out bread (you could also use rolls or bowls), sprinkle a bit of Mozzarella cheese in side and top with a raw egg.  Place baguette boats into an oven of 350 and bake for approximately 20 minutes until the egg white has set. Last 5 minutes sprinkle on some more Mozzarella if you enjoy cheese, remove from oven, pour a glass of wine and enjoy my friend!

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