Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Black Bean and Plantain Burritos

Extended Life for: Plantains, Cilantro, Chiles and Onion I cannot take any credit for this recipe. I made very few adjustments and truly just wanted a fun way to experiment with plantains as our first attempt at fried plantains resulted in crunchy bland pieces of what looked like banana. Our plantains were, of course, sufficiently past there expiration date and one even housed some mold. The mold of course did not make it's way into the mix, however, being the one to prepare the dish, I struggled to taste a pure meal, sensing a small hint of moldiness throughout the enjoyment of my burrito. However, Mike and our dear friend Mark had no problems chowing down and claiming the meal was fully satisfactory. That being said, here is the recipe from Vegetarian Times online. Enjoy!

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