Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Apple-Strawberry Pancake Syrup

Extended Shelf Life for: Apples and Strawberries I wish I could accurately inform readers how this was put together, however, I ended up throwing things in my baby crock-pot added more water than I had intended and decided it would be syrup rather than apple/strawberry sauce.

So, here is what I think happened, peel and chop about 3 apples, add a couple cups or so of strawberries, sprinkle in some cinnamon, a generous helping of sugar, cover with water, cook for about 3 hours on low, until all ingredients are soft and smell delicious!

When ingredients have spent their time in the crock-pot, run them through the blender and enjoy in the moment or refrigerator for later and heat on stove top before serving over pancakes or French toast. Enjoy for Mardi Gras dinner or a Saturday morning breakfast with good friends, hot tea and engaging conversation.

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