Monday, November 29, 2010

Beer Bread


Desiring to invite our co-teachers over for a traditional holiday meal, Mike offered to buy me an oven for our Korean apartment. Honestly, I was committed to making do without. But, now that there's an oven in this apartment, I must admit I am THRILLED. Something about cooking AND baking brings me such great joy. Providing friends and co-workders foods which I honestly believe in, which I poured effort, thought and serious love/excitement into making is a ridiculous pleasure for me. Therefore, thanks to GMarket, Korea's equivelent to eBay, we had ourselves a beautiful little convection oven waiting to serve my baking needs.

The first baked good?

Beer Bread. This recipe to be exact.
It seriously is the easiest bread recipe EVER.

I will make it often.

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