Saturday, November 20, 2010

Creamy Pasta


I don't measure, but I'll try my best to convey the ingredients and amounts used for this dish.


Pasta for 2; boiled to al dente

Meanwhile chop, dice, and/or mince the following:
1/4 cup Mushrooms
3 Sm. Tomatoes
2 Green Onions
3 cloves Garlic

In a sauce pan:
Melt ~2Tbsp. Butter
Saute Mushroom, Garlic and Onion
Add Milk - 1/4c - 1/2c (rough approximation)
Add a handful or two of Mozzarella Cheese
Stir till melted and looking delicious
Decide if it's sufficient for the amount of pasta you're boiling.
Add aditional milk and cheese as you deem necessary.
Thicken it up with cornstarch or flour.

When pasta is al dente, mix it into the sauce.
Place in bowl, top with some tomatoes and Mozzerella

Enjoy with a glass of wine or a Korean Cocktail!

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