Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Kimchi Fried Rice


We were runnin' the budget ragged this month with Cirque Du Soleil and other big spending events so, it was time to think of cheaper-than-normal meals. I figure...when in 'Rome'...right? Hence, Kimchi Bokkeumbap (Fried Rice). Cheap to eat out, equally cheap to eat at home, especially when you've received a BUCKET of home-made kimchi!


You will need about 2 cups of prepared rice (best if prepared a day I've heard). In a skillet heat a tablespoon of sesame oil and saute an Onion, chopped, 2-3 Garlic Cloves, minced and 1/2 a Carrot, diced. Add to the skillet as much kimchi as suits your taste buds chopped as finely or not finely as you like. Add rice, season with a bit of soy and gojuchang (?) -- Korean Red Pepper Paste, as much or little as you like. Make space between the rice for an egg or three, crack them on to the pan, let cook mix it up and serve. Can also serve the rice with a fried egg on top if you prefer, but with the rice prevents you from having to wash one more pan ^_^

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