Sunday, May 8, 2011

Bulgogi Cheese-steak

In a dinner conversation with one of my husband’s co-worker’s and her family it occurred to me that Philly Cheese-steaks are delicious, and so is Bulgogi (Korean marinated beef). From there it wasn’t long until I was convinced a combination of the two would bring a little bit of culinary joy to these taste buds (and others).


On May 3 I finally had the chance to work my magic in these realms and the results were…divine.


In a large skillet cook 2 cups of Bulgogi beef until cooked through. (If living in Korea: buy marinated at Home-plus or E-mart or purchase the meet and marinade separately at your local grocer. Others—try this out). In another skillet (or prior to sautéing the meat) sauté one green pepper, sliced; one red pepper, sliced; and one onion, sliced. Place meat and veggies on a hoagie roll or in a baguette, top with white cheese of choice and heat in the oven until cheese is melty. Enjoy with French fries or these Rosemary Potatoes.

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