Monday, June 27, 2011

Throw it in a Dish -- Call it Dinner

Occassionally (a.k.a. more-often-than-not), there are foods in the fridge that have been there too long, are in too small of quantities to do something new with, and that have lost their original intrigue (such as leftovers).

This "throw-it-in-a-dish" meal is one such example.

Leftover filling from Stuffed Peppers.

Diced Peppers that weren't stuffed.

Last of the Corn Tortiallas (two)

Bottom of a bag of Corn Chips (two small for dipping)

Cheese. Glorious Cheese.


Casserole Dish, followed by tortilla, followed by half the pepper filling and cheese,  followed by tortilla, more pepper filling and cheese, topped with tortilla chip crumbs and of course cheese.

Baked for about 20-30 minutes. Topped with Blender/Food Processor Salsa and Friends, you have a meal!

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