Friday, June 10, 2011

Just another take on ... Blender Salsa

Salsa is really, REALLY easy to make...and there are plenty of recipes available on the web. I have nothing special to offer...except a word of encouragement that you should all be making your own salsa...because it's EASY!

When I was 'extending shelf life' - I threw some rescued tomatoes and cilantro into the blender to make this salsa.

Recently, I threw some roasted chilies (with some serious KICK), onions, garlic, tomatoes and cumin into a food processor and what do you know? I had a Kickin' Salsa!

Other 'Korea' Salsa's have featured less spicy chiles, roasted tomatoes and on occassion, cilantro.'s easy. No need for Pace ^_^

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