Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Easy Pasta Bake - Perfect for Friends


I swear, my cooking style is becoming marked by increasingly simple dishes ... must be the pocket-sized kitchen teamed with the demands of a Master's Degree and Lesson Planning for cute Korean children. Alas, I don't really mind. The foods still delicious. More or less made from scratch, always made in my kitchen and does a fine job of nourishing the body, taste buds and soul - what more could a girl ask for?

There's nothing particularly brilliant or inspiring about this dish. You make pasta. You saute mushrooms and onions. You pour in some sauce (may a quarter cup of pre-made sauce plus 4 peeled and chopped fresh/roasted tomatoes). You mix it all together. You toss in some cheese. You scoop the whole mess into a pan. You top with additional cheese. You bake until cheese is melty and golden.

Then you eat it.

You enjoy it.

You share it with a friend
who kindly cared for you dog
so you could go play at Everland.

That's how this recipe works.

End things sweetly with Browned-Butter Brownies
and you enter a food heaven.

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