Monday, January 31, 2011

French Toast Sandwich and Sweet Potato Fries

I have yet to photograph these gems, but they are delcious. Inspiration is from the French Croque Monsuier (sp?) and tastes exceptionally delicious alongside a small pile of sweet potato fries.

For the fries, simply peel, slice, drizzle with olive oil, sprinkle with salt and pepper, pop in the oven at 350F/200C and bake until soft and the center and crunchy on the outside (or until edible).


As for the French toast sandwich? Simply put together the sandwich you've been dreaming up, we've done onion, spinach, hummus and mozzarella as well as marinara, onion, spinach and mozzarella. Use good ole sliced bread to sandwich your ingredients before dipping the sandwich in a couple of whisked eggs with some salt and pepper and splash of liquid. In a well oiled pan, place the sandwich one eggy side down allowing to cook and become toasty/crispy like French toast before flipping and waiting for the same phenomena to take place on side B. Best to enjoy with darling friends whom you both treasure and enjoy!

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  1. AHHHH! So glad you blogged about these! I've been trying to perfect BOTH of these things lately!


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