Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Love-Day Rotisserie Chicken


The convection oven we purchased has rotisserie capabilities so you'd better believe I wanted in on some of that action/challenge. Therefore, our traditional Valentine's Dinner at home-made-together had a Rotisserie Chicken on the menu. And, let me tell you , it was not hard at all!

The spice mix and chicken preperation were based off this recipe, but any spice combination ought to work just fine, just rub the chicken with olive oil, followed by the spices and you're ready to rotisserie!

As for the rotisserie aspect, put the chicken on the spit, place into appropriate slots in the oven, turn temperature to about 200 degrees Celcius and cook for 30-40 minutes until juices run clear, no pink is visible and inner temperature is 180 degrees Farenheit (sorry about the mixing of temperatures, it just happens for an American living in Korea or anywhere else in the world).

Next task: enjoy! Use the carcass to make some home-made chicken broth and you'll be well on your way to money well spent on a whole chicken!

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