Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Guisado - Remakes!

I had a bit of Carne Guisado left over.
I like leftovers allright, but I enjoy 'newness' more.

That being said, I used this Guisado to create TWO additional dishes.

Guisado Burritos:

Using the meat and potatoes (a.k.a non-soupy portion) of this stew simply lay out a flour tortilla, fill with warmed potato/meat filling, fry up an egg, place on potato/meat filling, add cheese and salsa, wrap burrito, heat entire filled tortilla up in a warm skillet. Serve with corn chips and salsa and enjoy!


Guisado-Ramen Fusion Dish:

Using the broth and a few leftover veggies from the Guisado Stew (specifically after removing some meat and potatoes for the above mentioned burrito) simply reheat the broth on the stovetop, add a package of Ramen and any additional veggies you may have on hand, heat until broth is warm and noodles are tender. For added protein, whisk one or two eggs, add to simmering broth/noodles, let 'set, stir and serve. Easy, peasy, Fusion-wusion!

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