Sunday, March 25, 2012

Basic Bread - with whey

If you've done any soft-cheese making or drained any yogurt (home-made) or otherwise of it's excess liquid, then you've surely found yourself with a jar or two full of whey while the curds compose the cheese or Greek style yogurt you were likely after.

But what about the whey? What can you do?

Other than pouring some into a dish for any 4 (or 3.5) legged creatures sharing space with you and your family, why not substitute the whey for the water or milk in most bread recipes?

For the hubs and I's recent Belated Valentine's Tradition, I whipped up a batch of Jamie-Oliver's Basic Bread Recipe, substituting whey for water, and other than having dead yeast, the bread turned out just fine...

Have you done and cheese or yogurt making and ended up with leftover whey? What are your favorite uses for the whey?

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