Saturday, March 24, 2012

Easy Thai Coffee

I first enjoyed Thai Coffee while enjoying the company of my dear friend SJ while lounging around the original 519. I wasn't a big coffee drinker at the time, however, it turns out that adding sweetened condensed milk to things really gets me going.

Now, traditionally, I believe Thai Coffee is made with half-and-half or cream rather than sweetened condensed milk. More specifically, the cream is infused with the strong yet pleasing flavor of cardamom before being added to strong brewed coffee.

It is not easy to get cream in South Korea, not impossible, just not as easy as walking to the bottom of the hill.

Also, I like SJ's version better.

Smash a tablespoon or so of Cardamom pods before adding them to no more than a cup of coffee, let set for a day or so - throw in a small stick of cinnamon if you desire.

Using a French Press (or I suppose any other coffee preperatory system), brew a serving or two of Cardamom Coffee, fill a mug or glass with a touch...or more...of sweetened condensed milk, add coffee and ice if you so desire (I usually take mine hot) and enjoy a deliciously spiced cup of coffee!

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