Sunday, March 25, 2012

Balsamic Tomato Bruschetta


As part of our Valentine's-cooking-together-tradition, I whipped up this special treat while the man pounded out some chicken and prepared it to be baked.

At one of my favorite restaraunts in Laramie, I had the good fortune of ordering a sandwich which showcased balsamic vinegar soaked onions, they were amazing and I decided they would be double amazing if said, balsamic vinegar soaked onions were carmelized on the stovetop (medium-low heat, bit of olive oil for about 20 minutes, lots of stirring, finished when their sticking to the pan). Throw those into a bowl of quartered cherry tomatoes, drizzle with additional olive oil, season with salt, pepper and fresh basil - to-friggin-die-for.

Enjoyed this condiment of sorts on top of the not-perfect-but-delightfully-edible Basic Bread (with whey).

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